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At Fluke we believe that there is always a better way to do things.

Today's problem: up to 40% of the world's industrial energy is lost due to leaks in compressed air systems. Globally billions of dollars vanish due to energy loss and downtime associated with low air pressure.

Previous methods for locating industrial air leaks were time consuming, required training and worst of all, often required downtime - the very thing everyone works to avoid. 

Finally, there is a better way... welcome to the future of leak detection. 

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14 ways hidden air leaks wreak havoc on equipment

How the ii900 Acoustic Imager air leak detector can help you find the root cause of equipment issues and prevent costly downtime.


Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring

Partial discharge testing and monitoring using a Fluke ii910 acoustic imaging camera. Find how out how to do a partial discharge test procedure.


Expediting air leak detection

Even the smallest air leaks can compound product and energy waste and lost production time—especially for a production line that cannot function without compressed air to run its tools and processes.


Manual approach to pressure switch testing


From Ultrasonic Leak Detectors to Acoustic Imaging Air Leak Detection


How to improve air tools performance

Maximize your pneumatic tools performance with the Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imaging Camera. Diagnose pressure drop and air flow issues in compressed air lines quickly and easily.


Acoustic Imaging Camera Technology

Learn about Fluke acoustic imaging camera technology. Behind the scenes interview with Fluke engineer who led the development of this new ultrasonic leak detection technology.


Main causes and types of partial discharge

Partial discharge definition. Learn how partial discharge occurs, causes of partial discharge and 4 main types of partial discharge.


How air leak detection equipment prevents downtime

Find out how air leak detection equipment prevents downtime for a 150,000 square foot plant that runs approximately 400 tools on compressed air, produced by a 200-horsepower compressor.


How Acoustic Imaging Cameras Perform Leak Rate Quantification

Learn how acoustic imaging cameras detect leaks, leak source factors and properties, leak type classification and leak rate quantification.


How to prioritize the leaks in your compressed air system using LeakQ

If your compressed air system is under-performing, your connected equipment will be too. Learn how to monitor and prioritize which air leaks to fix using the Fluke ii900 LeakQ mode.


What Industrial Plants Can Learn From Hospitals: Compressed Gas Systems


How to increase efficiency and savings with compressed air system leak testing in food manufacturing


How to Use the Fluke Acoustic Imaging Camera

Everything you need to know about how to use the Fluke ii900 acoustic imaging camera. Learn about the easy-to-use acoustic camera features and functions as well as tips for getting the most out of the tool.


3 considerations for medical gas leak detection

Testing medical gases and piping systems in healthcare facilities and hospitals presents multiple challenges for maintenance teams. Learn why efficient leak detection is critical.


How to detect compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks AND find hidden profits

What if there were a leak detection technology that could pinpoint the precise location of a leak from up to 50 meters away? The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager, a “gamechanger” in the pursuit of finding compressed air leaks.


The Fluke ii900 vs ii910

See the differences between the Fluke ii900 vs ii910 Acoustic Imaging Cameras in terms of both specifications and functionality.