Fluke Premium Care Support Plans

Reduce unplanned expenses and get the most out of your tools

Fluke Premium Care is a paid support offering designed for users who wish to maximize equipment availability.

When you invest in the best equipment in the industry, you want your money to go as far as possible. Fluke Premium Care provides coverage above and beyond your tool’s original product warranty, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected downtime caused by damaged test equipment, accessories, or tools in need of calibration or repair.

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Premium Care exclusive features

Fluke Premium Care is available in both a Standard and Gold level with one-year or three-year plan options so you can choose the plan that is right for you.

 Standard warrantyPremium Care–StandardPremium Care–Gold
Repair manufacturing defects
Annual calibration or performance test 
Accident repair 
Expedited calibration and repair 
Expedited freight 
Replacement of damaged accessories 
Software updates 
Priority tech support 
Loaner equipment  

Certified calibration with performance check and refurbishment

Don’t risk rejection of results by using an out-of-date tester. Fluke Premium Care includes one annual calibration and performance check per year, free of charge, at any of our Authorized Fluke Service Centers. If damage is found, Fluke Premium Care will make the necessary repairs to refurbish your tester. This proactive coverage helps avoid an unplanned repair later.

Fluke Premium Care repair

No-hassle, no-charge repair services including labor.

Free accessory replacements*

Accessories that originally shipped with your covered test tool and have been qualified as defective by our technicians will be replaced, free of charge, during the term of your agreement.

Covered accessories include:

  • Battery
  • Power adapter
  • Probes
  • Cables

*some limitations, see Terms and Conditions

Premium Care priority repair and technical support

Fluke Premium care customers have access to no-hassle, no-charge repair services including labor, parts and priority shipping. They are also provided with direct priority phone number to our world-class Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) so your technicians can call us directly from your job site for assistance with their tool.

Fluke Premium Care cost evaluation

Fluke Premium Care helps you reduce downtime, lower your operational costs, and reduce unplanned expenses—all while giving you frictionless customer support. See how Fluke Premium Care compares to the individual costs of the services it covers:

Fluke Premium Care, 1 year planIndividual services*
ModelProduct CoveredAnnual costRepair of defective unitDamaged
Annual calibration and performance checkExpedited freightTotal potential cost
FPC1S-SCM190-1190 Series ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope$720$1225$200$464$100$1998
FPC1S-MDA-500-1MDA Series Motor Drive Analyzers$828$1383$400$622$100$2505
FPC1S-FPQ170-11770 Series Power Quality Analyzers$1080$1350$500$400$100$2350

*Note: Costs are approximated as price varies depending on model, accessory, shipping location, etc.

Products eligible for Premium Care support

Description1-year Standard3-year Standard1-year Gold3-year Gold
Fluke 190-102-III ScopeMeter Test Tool FPC1S-SCM190-1FPC3S- SCM190-1FPC1G- SCM190-1FPC3G- SCM190-1
Fluke 190-202-III ScopeMeter Test Tool
Fluke 190-204-III ScopeMeter Test Tool
Fluke 190-502-III ScopeMeter Test Tool
Fluke 190-504-III ScopeMeter Test Tool
Fluke 190-504-III ScopeMeter Test Tool with Premium Care BundleFLUKE-190-504/ FPC
Fluke MDA-550 Motor Drive AnalyzerFPC1S- MDA- 500-1FPC3S- MDA- 500-1FPC1G- MDA- 500-1FPC3G- MDA- 500-1
Fluke MDA-550 Motor Drive Analyzer with Premium Care BundleFLUKE-MDA-550/ FPC
Fluke 1773 Power Quality AnalyzerFPC1S-FPQ170-1FPC3S- FPQ170-1FPC1G- FPQ170-1FPC3G- FPQ170-1
Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyzer with Premium Care BundleFLUKE-1775/FPC
Fluke 1777 Power Quality AnalyzerFPC1S- FPQ170-1FPC3S- FPQ170-1FPC1G- FPQ170-1FPC3G- FPQ170-1

Premium care terms and conditions

  • Fluke Premium Care and Gold Support coverage begins at purchase
  • Schedule Calibration at least 6 weeks in advance to receive a loaner unit (if you purchased a product that includes loaners)
  • All loaner equipment is the property of Fluke Corporation. Dual possession of covered unit and loaner unit longer than 5 business days is a violation of contract terms. This violation can be invoiced for the replacement price (at local MSRP) and void coverage.
  • Repairs on equipment that has been modified or abused will not be covered by Fluke Premium Care and Gold
  • Damaged accessories must be evaluated by Technical Support before replacement. Replacements are limited to 1 per contract year.
  • Non-payment for membership is grounds for termination. A re-instatement fee may be applied for coverage that has lapsed that has lapsed for more than 60 days.
  • Fluke Premium Care and Gold Support is non-transferrable to new owner or other hardware.
  • No refunds will be granted for unused services.
  • Any service must be performed by a Fluke authorized service center. To schedule or request service please call your regional Fluke support center.

Support For Fluke Industrial Products

USA: Call the Premium Care phone number in your Gold welcome email.
[email protected]

Support for Fluke Networks Products

[email protected]

For additional information:


For complete terms and conditions please download our terms and conditions document.

Activating Fluke Premium Care

In order for you to receive the services provided by Fluke Premium Care you must first activate your product. Activation requires you to set-up an account (if you don’t already have one) and provide information about your company and the product to be covered.

  1. Account or Company information (name, complete address)
  2. Main contact (name, email, phone number)
  3. Information on the tester to be covered
    1. Model #, Serial #
    2. Proof of purchase (usually an invoice)
  4. Information on the Premium Care model you purchased
    1. Model # (begins with “FPC-“), Purchase date
    2. Proof of purchase (usually an invoice)

Purchase of Fluke Premium Care for a tester you already have

  • Go to https://my.fluke.com/
  • Sign-in or create an account providing the information in 1 and 2 above
  • Register your tester by entering the information on the product to be tested (3a)
  • Make a screen capture of the registration screen and provide this to the vendor you will buy Fluke Premium Care from
  • The vendor should provide this to Fluke with their order
  • A Welcome email with information on your activation will be sent to you after Fluke receives and processes the order from your vendor

Requesting Service

Processes can vary depending on where you are located, but member service requests take priority at all our authorized service centers.

All requests for Fluke Premium Care and Gold repair, calibration, loaner units, or accessory replacements must go through Technical Assistance.

Please note: You will be asked for your contact information, model and product serial number(s) to verify coverage.

Ways to contact Technical Assistance in US and Canada

Support for Fluke Industrial Products

USA: Call the Premium Care phone number in your Gold welcome email.
[email protected]om

Support for Fluke Networks Products

[email protected]
Log in to My Account and submit a New Support Incident
Click here to submit a Service request on the web

Type of ServiceProcess/What to Expect
  • Technical Assistance will verify support coverage, repair needs, and loaner entitlement (if applicable), and shipping address.
  • You will receive an RMA for your unit, an overnight loaner unit (if applicable), and shipping instructions.
  • Your unit will be repaired with priority at the Service Center.
Annual Factory Calibration
  • Technical Assistance will verify support coverage, models and serial number(s) and shipping address.
  • You will receive an RMA and shipping instructions.
    Note: If a loaner unit is desired, we recommend you schedule your appointment at least 6 weeks in advance of your required calibration date. Shipping waybills do not require advance scheduling and can be sent immediately.
  • Your unit will be calibrated with priority (<5 day) turnaround through the Service Center. Expect 1-2 weeks including shipping both to and from the Service Center.
Accessory Replacement
  • Technical Assistance will verify support coverage, models and serial number(s) and shipping address and isolate failure to the component if possible.
  • If a covered accessory that shipped with your product is deemed defective or faulty, the accessory replacement will be ordered and shipped directly to you.
    Note: In some cases you may be requested to return the faulty/defective accessory prior to shipment of the replacement accessory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Fluke Premium Care or Gold coverage available in countries that have been embargoed by the U.S. government?
A. No. Our policy is to comply with the technology embargo list issued by the United States Department of Commerce.

Q. What countries can you currently get support with full repair/loaner exchange and calibration benefits?
A. Fluke strives to provide support within as many countries as possible. The repair/loaner exchange, extended accessory warranty, and calibration benefits are only available within certain countries. Please see our full terms and conditions for an up-to-date list of available countries. Repair loaners are available within 24-hours, and to receive a loaner unit during calibration (available in most regions), we recommend you schedule your appointment 6 weeks in advance of your required calibration date.  If a loaner is not required or calibration cannot be scheduled in advance, Customers may opt to instead receive a shipping waybill and calibrations will receive first-on-bench priority. Typical turnaround time for a calibration is 5 working days. Coverage is not available in all countries – please speak with your Sales representative for other support options:

Q. Can I still qualify for and get Fluke Premium Care or Gold support if the product I bought from you is out of warranty?
A. Yes. You can still qualify for membership as long as we support the product. Typically, that’s up to four years (may be fewer, depending on parts availability and other factors) after new sales have been discontinued. If you’re interested in coverage but your equipment is out of warranty, at our option, you may have to submit your product to an authorized service center for evaluation. There is normally a charge for this service. If you choose not to submit your unit for evaluation, we request that you wait a minimum of 30 days before requesting any of the repair or services.

Q. How long will my coverage be in effect?
A. Coverage is granted 12 or 36 months from the date of purchase to compensate for possible lag time in shipping of your covered product. Renewals are for 12 or 36 months from the date of renewal.

Q. Will you send me renewal notices?
A. We’ll send you a "reminder of renewal" notice by email three months prior to your coverage expiration so you can renew it and experience no loss of coverage. One month prior to renewal, we will attempt to contact you personally to inform you of your upcoming membership expiration.

Q. Can I invoke loaner or exchange unit benefits for non-standard service repairs?
A. No. Unit loaner or exchange benefits are not available for non-standard service repairs. Non-standard service repairs include abuse, or model-wide recalls or “service actions.”

Q. If I don’t purchase Fluke Premium Care or Gold support, what are the standard manufacturer warranties for Fluke products?
A. This varies by product. Please reference the product specific manuals on our website.

Q. If I buy Fluke Premium Care or Gold support, do I qualify for all prior software/firmware upgrades available?
A. No. Unless otherwise stipulated, you must be at the current revision of the software or firmware when purchasing support. If you are not, you must purchase prior upgrades. All future upgrades, once at the current revision, are yours at no charge.

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